Check Balance

  Using a PrepaidCardStatus debit or credit card is a great way of achieving financial stability and monitoring the account at regular intervals. If you are not able to maintain your budget and if you are not good and smart enough to spend money effectively, PrepaidCardStatus can be of great help.

This card completely eliminates the need for carrying cash in the pocket. These cards are Visa / MasterCard, so they are accepted worldwide. PrepaidCardStatus are extremely user-friendly and secure to use.

Checking PrepaidCardStatus Balance

There are some steps needed to be followed to check the PrepaidCardStatus balance at the regular intervals. Have a look at them below:

  1. Visit the official website of PrepaidCardStatus at
  2. On visiting this website, you will be inquired about some card details like your 16-digit card number, PrepaidCardStatus expiry date, and PrepaidCardStatus 3-digit CVV number.
  3. If the submitted details are correct, you will be directed to the home page of your PrepaidCardStatus account. On this page, your balance will be displayed straight away.

Checking PrepaidCardStatus Transaction History

To monitor your PrepaidCardStatus transaction history, you need to follow some simple steps. Have a look at them below:

  • Visit the official website of PrepaidCardStatus at
  • After visiting the PrepaidCardStatus official website, sign in by submitting your PrepaidCardStatus Card number and PrepaidCardStatus security code (3-digit CVV number) in the required fields.
  • Once you are signed into the portal, tap on the option “Transaction History”.
  • After the above step, your account Transaction History will be immediately displayed on the screen.