Customer Support

PrepaidCardStatus are designed extremely user-friendly and easy to recharge. People can carry and use these cards anywhere and anytime. They can only spend the money loaded on the card. So, no need to worry about unwanted purchases or money-waste factor.

A PrepaidCardStatus user can easily manage and access their online account on the official portal. The PrepaidCardStatus card also has its online portal, where the card user can check their card details and modify their transaction history.

One can also get the print out of all card details for future use. It is recommended to check the balance before making any sort of transaction with this card. You can activate your card on the official website at

PrepaidCardStatus Customer Support

The official website of the PrepaidCardStatus is The customer care number for the PrepaidCardStatus is +1 (866) 230-3809 and you can directly contact the technical team of the PrepaidCardStatus to get the direct support.

Their team will be available 24/7 as they understand the value of your hard-earned money for you. Your issues will be resolved at the earliest by the PrepaidCardStatus technical team. In any case, if our team member is not allowed to receive your call, you will be contacted immediately by them after some time.

PrepaidCardStatus Forgot Password

In case, you forget your PrepaidCardStatus password and wish to reset it to a new one, just visit the and tap the blue colored “Forgot Password” link.

You will be prompted to submit your registered email address and then some security questions will be asked that you answered during the registration procedure.

A temporary password will be dispatched to your registered email address and then you can reset your password to the new ones.

Forgot PrepaidCardStatus Username

In case, you forget your PrepaidCardStatus Username and want to recover or reset it, just visit the official website, and have a go on the blue colored box “Forgot Username”.

You will be prompted to submit your registered email address. After this, a username will be dispatched to your email address.